Why Should You Hire A Dui Lawyer?

Have you been recently charged with an allegation of driving under the influence and you are wondering whether you should hire the services of a lawyer skilled in handling such cases or not?
Why Should you Hire a DUI Lawyer?
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Getting an attorney with years of experience in handling such cases always helps as they are familiar with the general court system, how to carry out plea bargains, and understand the complex legal administration procedures.

DUI laws may vary from one state to another and so you should contact a lawyer who is well versed with the DUI rules of the state under which you are charged. While it is always advisable that you get in touch with a lawyer to represent you in the court of law, you can actually skip this process if this is your very first DUI

charge and there was no other additional situation like reckless driving, high BAC (blood alcohol content) or DUI while a minor was present in the vehicle. On the other hand, if you are a DUI repeat offender, then it is particularly important for you to get professional legal help.

Should you choose to plead guilty?

In case this is your first case of DUI, then you may just choose to plead guilty. This is actually a wise choice if you are more or less certain that you are going to be convicted; for instance if your BAC reading is greater than .11 and your arresting officer thinks that you were rather erratic while driving. However, before you actually plead guilty, you must learn about the various laws pertaining to DUID/DWI fines and penalties in your state so that you can make a thoroughly informed decision. Even though you might be fully convinced that you must plead guilty, an experienced DUI attorney may provide you with counsel or advice that could in turn affect severity of your actual sentence.

The other thing that you need to remember is that if your BAC score was between .08 and .11, then it is uncertain whether you will have a conviction or not. In such instances, a DUI lawyer in Colorado can plea bargain your specific case in a better way. Also in most of the first non-injury DUI offenses, the judges declare a typical routine sentence that is hardly different from one single case to another.

Sentence Bargaining

Apart from plea bargaining which involves reducing the charge to a lesser offence, most states also offer the benefit of sentence bargaining. A sentence bargaining is highly useful in cases where guilty plea can lead to a long incarceration period. For instance, you can think of pleading guilty for a second DUI case, but only if you’re aware of what your sentence is likely to be. This is also applicable for the aggravated DUI cases in which your BAC score is more than .15 or an injury or demise has taken place. For such cases, you would not want to actually plead guilty unless you’re well aware of what sentence you are likely to get. To make sure you have the best legal guidance, it is better that you have a legal practitioner by your side in such situations.

Why it is advisable for second time DUI offenders to seek the professional expertise of an attorney?

If this isn’t the first

time that you are faced with a DUI, DUID or DWI charge, then you will in all probability need to consult a DUI attorney who is well versed with the DUI laws of your state. This is so because second time offenders may actually have to go through penalties, fines or other punishments and the assistance of an attorney is most coveted in such cases. If you are worried about the involved costs, then some of the DUI attorneys can work with you who can offer you discounts or credit payment plans. 

Things to consider while you try to find an attorney

In order to make sure that you have the best legal counsel for your DUI case, you need to find an attorney skilled in handling DUI cases and well aware of all the DUI/DWI laws of your state. A professional attorney who handles DUI/DWI cases is well aware of how the court system works and what can be the best possible way to represent your case in the court of law. To find a lawyer that best suit your individual needs, you need to shop around for a while and consult a number of legal practitioners before you finally hire one.

  • Seek out the attorneys that particularly specialize in handling DUI/DWI cases.
  • Fix an initial consultation session with the DUI attorney to discuss your case. This is mostly free of charge and it can also help you to decide if this attorney is right for you.
  • You should ask the professional DUI attorney about all the costs that are involved in the representation. Try to see if there might be anything else during the actual court hearing that can increase the cost of representation? Finally, enquire about credit financing and all the possible payment options.
  • You should at least meet with 2 attorneys before finally making your decision about whom to hire for your individual case.

With the large number of professional attorneys contesting DUI cases in USA, it won’t be difficult for you to find a lawyer on whom you can depend. All you need to do is make sure that you decide wisely and he or she will be able to get you the best legal expertise. You can also do some research online about who are the best DUI attorneys in a particular area, see what their previous clients had to say about them and this can in turn help you to make the best decision. Finally, you need to be thoroughly open and honest with the legal practitioner about your case so that he or she may be able to provide you with the best legal service for your particular case.

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